The health and safety of your staff members and customers is essential, regardless of the industry you work in. Therefore, you need the right security systems in place, so you can always know what’s happening and act accordingly.

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What Is Avigilon Security Solutions?

Avigilon is a company from Motorola Solutions that designs, develops, and manufactures numerous AI-powered security systems. Not only do they work to create innovative products, but they strive to help keep community members safe, as well.

Because their security systems are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’ll receive the right information at the right time. This will help your security personnel take decisive action, ensuring that everyone has great peace of mind.

Types of Avigilon Products Available

With Avigilon, you can select from a variety of security solutions, such as:

  • AI and video analytics
  • Video security
  • Access control
  • Cloud services

Want to know what each product type has to offer? Then, keep reading!

Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

AI and video analytics are designed to “detect, verify, and act on critical events.” This is done through a variety of systems, including:

  • Facial recognition: Quickly identify people of interest for accelerated response times.
  • Unusual activity/motion detection: Edge-based intelligence will show any atypical events/activities that may otherwise be missed.
  • Next-generation video analytics: Uses neural networks for self-learning video analytics, providing improved accuracy in perimeter protection and crowded indoor spaces.

Video Security

With video security, you’ll have a greater chance of seeing things you may have been missing in the past. This is thanks to features like:

  • Cameras and sensors: The H5A and, H5M, and H4A camera lines (among others) provide top-quality image details and intelligence to help make sense of what you’re seeing.
  • Video infrastructure: Network radio recorders, video archives, remote monitoring workstations, and more are what make up the reliable and scalable security solutions.
  • Video management software: This is especially helpful during a pandemic, where you’ll have video analytics for social distancing, no face mask detection, and more.

Avigilon Access Control Platform

Avigilon offers an access control platform that scales to changing needs of businesses. There are two types available: Access Control Manager (ACM) enterprise system and the entry-level ACM Embedded Controller™ system.

ACM is designed with IT professionals in mind. Open-field hardware and integrated software like video verification provide the uncompromising performance needed in this field.

ACM Embedded Controller™, meanwhile, needs no server, as it’s installed directly onto the controller. Plus, thanks to a simplified navigation structure, you’re never more than two clicks away from most operations.

Avigilon Cloud Services

Finally, you have the Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform, which connects any Avigilon Control Center (ACC) site to the cloud.

If you have multiple sites, you can access them all in one centralized spot. You can then monitor the health of all your ACC sites from anywhere using a web client. This will allow you to quickly assess how all your cameras and servers are operating and prioritize maintenance.

Other features of ACS include:

  • Simple and secure access
  • Seamless user provisioning
  • Continuous updates

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Thanks to all the products mentioned above, you’ll have a more intuitive way to receive info on potential security events.

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