Ally Security Incident Management Software

Hospitals, schools, malls, and more need security teams in place to keep employees and guests safe. With so much going on in these big spaces, the right equipment is needed to keep track of everything. That’s where Ally Security Incident Management comes in.

This platform keeps everything organized, and we’ll tell you how below. Continue reading to learn about Ally, then contact Flower City Communications with any questions you may have.

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What Is Ally Security?

Ally is a cloud-based security platform from Motorola Solutions that lets you manage your facility from anywhere at any time. That’s because it has complete data mobility, which means it’s manageable from any internet-enabled device, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Workstations
  • Two-way radios

Every product is easy to access and use with instant communication and accurate reporting—all to improve daily operations and safety within your building.

Benefits of This Incident Management System

There are lots of advantages to using the Ally Security system. First, some key features include:

  • Incident and records management
  • Digital image, video, and record storage
  • Location mapping

You can keep track of staff and visitors to spot any issues that may arise. If anything is amiss, communicate instantly to different smartphones or radios. Comprehensive dispatching tools are included, too, so help can arrive as quickly as possible.

Need an easy way to keep track of your business’s daily operations? Personnel management with training records are available, along with client and contact management. Individual name flagging and system alerts are available, as well. If a dire situation develops with a specific team member, it can be handled right away.

Because these tools are built into one platform, they’ll simplify security operations tenfold.

Security Products Available

While the Ally system is cloud-based, it works with a number of different products.

For example, you can use MOTOTRBO™ professional two-way radios and WAVE™ two-way radios. They offer push-to-talk voice communication, which allows you to get your message across right away and receive an incoming one instantly. You can also schedule or deliver alerts to team members via a mobile app or email.

Furthermore, CommandCentral Aware Enterprise allows for top-tier response and decision making.

From your command hub, you can view an Aware Enterprise map of your facility, thanks to real-time cloud-based mapping from any MOTOTRBO™ or WAVE™-enabled device. An Avtec Scout dispatch console is available, too, with secure voice and radio dispatch communications.

The benefits of Aware Enterprise? You get:

  • A single map for MOTOTRBO™ radios and WAVE™ devices for smart decision making around incidents and service responses.
  • Faster deployment of nearby skilled personnel since all device locations are on one map.
  • Streamlined workflow, as understanding challenges in real time can help automate any future operational response workflows.

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By utilizing Ally, you can improve the efficiency, safety, and security of your employees and visitors that come into your building.

If you want to know more about this cloud-based software program, contact Flower City Communications. We’ve been in the business for many generations, so we know what would work for you and your business.

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