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Flower City Communications Smart Security Solutions

Keep Your Team and Business Safe with Smart Security Systems

Security is a serious issue for any organization. A lack of proper security can lead to theft, loss of intellectual property and even physical harm. The bad news is that traditional video surveillance systems have been around for decades and are often outdated, expensive, complicated to install and difficult to maintain. They also do not provide the right information at the right time which means you don’t have the information to make real time decisions.

Avigilon’s advanced networked security solutions enable business & government agencies to keep an eye on their premises from anywhere, so you can see what’s going on in real-time wherever there’s a camera installed – no matter where you are in the world. All our products seamlessly integrate into one another, so your entire system works together as one unit without any additional hardware needed. Our solutions offer fast ROI by reducing false alarms, improving first responder responses, and increasing situational awareness.

Flower City Communications Video Security Solutions

Realtime Video Footage of Critical Incidents 

You’re responsible for the safety of your staff and visitors. But you can only protect what you can see. That is why video security solutions give you peace of mind by keeping an eye on what matters most at all times, even when you aren’t there.

Flower City Communications provides security camera systems from Avigilon, the leader in video surveillance and video AI software. We design systems to be reliable in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors; day or night; rain or shine; hot or cold—and they work with our cloud-based software platform that gives you complete control over your entire system from anywhere in the world. With Flower City Communications as your partner in security management solutions, we will help keep everyone safe while making sure nothing gets missed.

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Flower City Communications Access Control

Protect Your Property From The Inside Out With Access Control

Security systems are complicated. They require a lot of maintenance and updating, and most importantly – they can be a headache for your security staff to manage. In addition, our customers have different needs, from a simple access control system to an enterprise-class solution.

Avigilon Access Control is different. Flower City Communications makes it easy to protect your property from the inside out with one simple solution that scales with your business needs. Our turnkey access control platform makes it easy for you to secure every door in any size building, all while saving money on installation costs and ongoing maintenance. You don’t have to worry about IT headaches because everything runs through ACC video management software.

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Flower City Communications Video Security Analytics

Increase Security And Reduce Crime With Analytics Solutions 

Video surveillance is an essential part of any security strategy, but it can be difficult to ensure that you have the right systems in place. The problem with most video analytics technology is that they are expensive and require a lot of time to learn how to use them effectively. It’s not uncommon for companies to spend thousands on equipment only to find out that their investment doesn’t pay off. This means wasted money and lost productivity.

Flower City Communications, in partnership with Avigilon, uses neural networks – which allows the system to learn from examples without human intervention or programming knowledge required by customers. This makes our analytics easy-to-use, scalable, affordable and incredibly accurate – even in crowded environments like malls or schools where people move around quickly making detection challenging for traditional cameras. Avigilon’s self-learning software also gets smarter over time as it learns more about your environment so there’s no need for constant tweaking or costly updates every year.

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