While technology is always changing, one thing remains the same: Having effective communication tools is crucial for every industry.

This is true whether you’re focusing on daily operations or are in the midst of an emergency. That’s why at Flower City Communications, we offer several pieces of equipment to help get your messages across.

Keep reading to learn about them, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Broadband Communication Tools

If you need equipment to talk to team members or first responders clearly and without interference, you can look toward those we offer from Motorola Solutions.

From smart multi-purpose radios to on-cloud software, you can find it all here. Below is an overview of the various products we have available.

TLK 100 & TLK 150 Radios

For radios that combine nationwide cellular network coverage with the ease of two-way communications, TLK 100 and TLK 150 two-way radios may be ideal for your business.

These radios can connect your team quickly, no matter where they’re located. You’ll have crisp, clear audio, plus Wi-Fi and location tracking. Simply use the PTT (push-to-talk) function, and your message will get across in an instant.

These radios are effective on the road as well. The TLK 150 allows for hands-free driving, so you can avoid texting and driving (which could lead to hefty fines or serious accidents). The in-vehicle mounted two-way radio helps keep you safe while ensuring your communications.

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WAVE™ OnCloud Application

As we mentioned above, the TLK Series two-way radios utilize Wi-Fi, which is part of the WAVE™ On-Cloud app.

This application lets you stay in touch between radios, smartphones, and other devices across carriers. As such, this allows you to take advantage of features like:

  • Emergency calling and alerts: If someone is in danger, you can quickly connect them to a person or group who can provide assistance.
  • Location tracking: Use GPS to check a project’s status, position team members where they’re needed most, and maximize safety among workers.
  • Private and group push-to-talk: Thanks to flexible calling options, talking between groups or having a one-on-one conversation is a breeze.

What’s great, too, is that you can utilize this software over multiple Wi-Fi networks. If you’re in a facility or other environment where cellular coverage may be limited, WAVE™ will still allow you to send and receive PTT calls.

MOTOTRBO™ Ion Smart Radios

Make sure your team is “all on” with their daily operations, thanks to the MOTOTRBO™ Ion Rugged Commercial Smart Radio.

This business-ready device provides “all-on voice and broadband data capabilities.” Similar to WAVE™ technology, these radios allow you to stay connected not only across devices, but across networks, as well.

Furthermore, the MOTOTRBO™ Ion smart radio offers such benefits as:

  • Apps: It works on an Android platform and allows you to access your Gmail account, calendar, and any other app on the Google Play store.
  • Uptime: Cloud-based configuration and remote updates let you deploy radios faster and keep them in the field longer.
  • Security: The radio safeguards critical data, helps prevent malware and phishing, and prevents hostile codes from running on the device. These multiple layers protect your information at all times.


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