Motorola Nitro CBRS Private LTE Network

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Motorola Nitro CBRS Private LTE Networks from Flower City Communications

Voice, Data, and Analytics on High Speed Network.

Your business relies on critical voice, video, data communications to keep your team safe and productive. Most businesses are using a wireless technology network that is not designed for current needs or the demands of today’s applications. Additionally, there is no visibility into what’s happening on your network – if there are problems, where they might be occurring (or about to occur), or how well your system is performing overall.

Flower City Communications has been providing secure private wireless broadband networks for over 40 years. Our systems have proven reliable in some of the most challenging environments around Upstate and Western New York. We offer our customers peace of mind, knowing their networks are always up-to-date with our industry leading support services, including 24/7 monitoring, fast onsite response times, and best in class customer care through multiple channels like phone, email or chat. Our Nitro CBRS Private LTE Network systems are designed to be future proof so you can adapt to new technologies as they come out without having to worry about expensive upgrades down the road.

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Motorola Nitro LMR Platform

Get More Out Of Your LTE Network 

Sometimes your Wi-Fi network isn’t up to the task of keeping teams connected. And that means lost productivity, missed deadlines and unhappy customers. Businesses today depend on Wi-Fi for voice and data communications. But the reality is that Wi-Fi was never designed to handle the complex operations of a business’ day-to-day activities. Today, your business needs more than just fast wireless access points and unlimited bandwidth—you need a network that can deliver consistent voice and data quality with minimal interference from other devices or users in your building.

Nitro combines private broadband service with enterprise grade VoIP solutions to provide businesses with all of the essential tools for running operations smoothly and efficiently. With Motorola Nitro from Flower City Communications, you get high speed internet, reliable voice communications and flexible calling options so you can communicate how you want when you want — whether it’s through traditional desk phones or smartphones and tablets on the go.

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