We offer a wide range of Motorola’s mission-critical Fire and EMS communication solutions to enable first responders better serve and protect their communities. From ultra-rugged two-way radios for extreme environments to rapid deployment, transportable stations that enable effective emergency response, our solutions are designed to help Fire and EMS teams stay connected and efficient when it matters most.

Most Popular Fire and EMS Radios

APX8000XE P25 All-Band Portable Two-Way Radio

APX8000XE P25 All-Band Portable Two-Way Radio

Motorola’s APX™ Extreme Series is a complete portfolio of ergonomically advanced, ultra-rugged radios that is safe, easy and efficient to use in extreme environments.

APX Transportable Base Station

APX Transportable Base Station

The APX Transportable Base Station is a highly versatile, rapid deployment product that can be installed at the last minute so your personnel can communicate securely and safely during emergency response.

APX1500 P25 Single-Band Mobile Two-Way Radio

APX 1500 P25 Single-Band Mobile Two-Way Radio

The APX 1500 P25 mobile radio is equipped with all the features you need at a price you can afford. It delivers all the benefits of TDMA technology in the most compact P25 capable mobile radio in the industry.

Fire and EMS Solutions

Si300 Video Speaker Microphone

Si300 Video Speaker Microphone

Unlike typical body-worn cameras, the Si300 combines voice communications, real-time video, still images, voice recording and emergency alerting all in one device.


Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone combines a body-worn camera, remote speaker microphone and smart interface in a single device.

G5 Industry First Dual Band P25 Voice Pager

G5 Dual Band P25 Voice Pager

P25 Voice Pager allows migration from a legacy 2-tone network to a P25 network while providing improved coverage, excellent voice clarity, and superior reliability.

APX XE Remote Speaker Microphone with Xtreme Temperature Cable

APX XE Remote Speaker Microphone

APX XE Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) comes with an attached Xtreme Temperature Cable and is ideal for use in the harsh and hot conditions of a fireground.

Fire and EMS Services

Radio Rentals

Need radio-to-radio communications? Or maybe you need regional coverage, but you only need to rent. Flower City has you covered. We rent Motorola two-way portable products that offer high-quality and reliable VHF/UHF or 900 MHz, conventional, digital, or trunking configurations.

Motorola EMS Radio Rentals Rochester

FCC Licensing

We work closely with a licensed frequency coordinator, which means we can handle all your FCC licensing requirements, so you don’t have to. We will assist you with new applications, renewals, relocation and modifications.


FCC Licensing

Vehicle Installation

We install mobile radios in your company vehicle(s) right here in our shop. Our technicians know the products and best practices to get you in, get your products installed the right way, and get you back out on the road.


Radio Vehicle Installation Rochester

Avigilon Security

We deliver a variety of security solutions to improve situational awareness, enhance operations and the enhance safety of your people and assets. Our security solutions include video security, access control, AI and video analytics, cloud services and more.

Avigilon Security

Ally Security

Need an easy way to keep track of your business’s daily operations? We offer Ally Security, a cloud-based security platform from Motorola Solutions  which provides incident and records management, digital image, video, and record storage location mapping and more.

Ally Security Rochester

Fire and EMS Promotions

$5,250 Trade-In Discount and 2 Year Free AXS Subscription

MCC 7500 and MCC 7500e customers with current SUA (System Upgrade Agreement) subscriptions can take advantage of the following promotion when migrating to Command Central AXS Console:

Value of $5,250 (U.S.) LP per position

2 years