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Flower City Communications's Top Tier Technology Partners

Selecting The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

Businesses want to keep their employees connected, productive, and safe at work. But finding the right technology partners to develop a seamless telecommunications solution can be difficult. Partnering with the wrong company can lead to costly deployments and missed opportunities. You need a partner that understands your specific needs, has real world technical experience, and is committed to providing excellent customer service during the life time of your system.

Flower City Communications is proud of the industry-leading partnerships with top manufacturers that have been developed over our 40+ years of operation. Motorola Solutions is our principal partner to integrate voice, video, and data solutions in a comprehensive technology platform. Additionally, we leverage other suppliers to help deliver on systems to meet your requirements. Flower City Communications has proven time and again that delivering on our commitments of quality solutions and services to help your business, is a winning strategy.


Motorola Solutions Partnership

Helping Commercial and Public Safety Customers for Over 90 years

Voice, video and data technology has become critical in running a successful and safe organization. Motorola Solutions understands that and has reimagined how technologies can be integrated together to improve safety and operational productivity.

The Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined platform will give you greater visibility into your operation so that you can make smarter decisions, faster than ever before, helping keep your workers safe, and your assets secure. With Motorola Solutions and their associated technology brands, you can rest assured that you’re getting dependable technologies, backed by decades of experience, providing reliable communication solutions.

Flower City Communications Technology Partners

Leading Telecommunications Supplier for Businesses

Flower City Communications is the trusted partner for businesses across Upstate and Western New York. We work collaboratively with leading telecom suppliers to ensure your business requirements are satisfied and maintained for the lifetime of your system. With our elite partners, we help you get more out of your telecommunications systems than ever before.

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