Thermal Body Camera For Fever Detection

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The automatic thermal temperature measurement and screening system can measure the body temperature of a crowd through non-contact temperature measurement quickly and widely, finding individuals with abnormal temperature in real time.


Increases Temperature


Thermographic Temperature

Thermographic Fever Screening System

Individuals can pass through without contact for long distance measurement. Effectively avoid close contact with potential patients and reduce the risk of virus infection among testing personnel.


Rapid screening of multiple people

Thermal camera has high response speed and efficiency, and the tested personnel do not need to stay.


Automatic alarm to reduce manual work

Automatic body temperature screening, alarm prompt and automatic photo taking after catching the fever target.


Image storage for easy recording and tracking

The image temperature measurement method is more intuitive. The alarm image is stored in real time, and the historical data can be queried.

Flower City Communications is excited to team up with Hoptix to bring you the

With an emphasis on public health. Through the further development of existing technology, we now have the capability to do contactless fever detection. With different products for different environments, we can measure peoples temperatures as they walk into your building. We can measure up to 10 people per second using thermal body cameras and we can also measure one at a time using other no-contact technology.

These products are designed to give building occupants comfort as they walk in, knowing that others around them are not carrying a fever and give the organization (company, school, community center, retailer) confidence that their staff is being kept safe.

We look forward to discussing these products with you. We have a large order arriving in two weeks and want to make sure that you can get what you need by reserving it now.

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