Safety Reimagined Products Motorola Solutions

Imagine having a business where everyone’s wellbeing and productivity were deeply connected. Thanks to safety reimagined products from Motorola Solutions, this is no dream, but rather a reality.

Learn how safety is reimagined, and then contact us to find the right products for your industry.

How to Connect Safety, Efficiency & Productivity

There are technologies out there that can not only make people safer, but better at what they do, as well. They can be smarter and faster, more focused and aware, and also more connected and accurate with various tasks at hand.

From daily operations to emergency situations, you can find the right items needed to improve the functionality of your company. This is thanks to the Safety Reimagined Partner Program, which is an “exclusive group of Motorola Solutions Professional & Commercial Radio (PCR) and Avigilon partners.”

Together, they provide end-to-end technology ecosystems. These are what unify voice, data, video security, and analytics across multiple enterprises. As a result, you’ll have the tools needed for optimum awareness and responsiveness.

Products to Help Keep People Safe

So, what kind of scalable, actionable, and secure items can you expect to find within this platform? They’re categorized as such below for you:


Voice products can be found through MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios, the WAVE™ subscription-based group communication service, and more.

These items offer a plethora of benefits, such as:

  • Instant communication
  • Nationwide service
  • Robust hardware and software

These are great for stadiums, retail, and manufacturing/distributing companies. No matter how far you are from your employees, you can communicate with them instantly at the simple push of a button. Your messages will get across clearly, too, as the products are designed to work through any potential barriers.


Video security systems from Avigilon are ideal for schools, hospitals, and other busy facilities.

Let’s say a suspicious person is driving up to your building. License plate recognition can record information from cars and provide security alerts if anything is amiss. If someone is walking up to your facility, security cameras with facial recognition can quickly spot a person of interest.

There are also cameras available with unusual activity or motion detection. It’ll highlight any abnormal activity, so that you and your team can determine the appropriate course of action.

Data & Analytics

From airports to hotels, it’s critical to know when things are happening, so you can act accordingly.

Whether there’s an issue, or everything is operating as normal, you need the right tools to distinguish between the two. There are various types of data-sharing and analytics software available to help you do just that.


These include products like:

  • CommandCentral
  • PremierOne® Records
  • Vigilant PlateSearch LPR Intelligence Software

You can consolidate and organize video, images, data, and more on a cloud-based platform. They would then be accessible from any point to keep tabs on your employees and guests to help keep everyone as productive and safe as possible.

Safety Reimagined Products Motorola Solutions

No matter what industry you work in, we’ll make sure you have the right safety protocols in place. This includes having the proper voice, video, data, and analytics tools for daily procedures and critical situations.

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